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General principles


General principles

Customers using 3ssoft's services are guaranteed legal rights, as agreed in the contract and the provisions of law.

All inquiries and customer complaints related to the quality of service are received and resolved quickly, in the spirit of marketing, goodwill. The maximum processing time is within 20 days.

The statute of limitations for lodging complaints and lawsuits:

    - No more than 90 days for service quality issues.
    - No more than 30 days for business matters

The receipt and settlement of customer complaints are recorded and responded in writing. Compliance with the provisions of the current law.

Order and procedures for settlement

Step 1: Receive feedback and complaints

When having questions, or complaints about service quality, customers contact Nhan Hoa through the following forms:

- Directly meet Customer Care Department at the Branch.

- Call to 059.888.4567

- Email to:


- In the email or application, please specify the content reflecting, complaining, the request should be addressed and provide documents and information related to the service and use of the service.

Step 2: Resolve

- Immediately after receiving or receiving the email, the customer application, 3ssoft will conduct verification and verification of the reflection. And within 48 hours, there will be a confirmation email to directly work, resolve complaints and reflect.

- In case of complicated matters, involving many parties or need time to verify, overcome ..., the processing time will be longer. But not more than 20 days.

Step 3: Second settlement

- If the customer has not yet / disagrees with our settlement, we will respond with the desire to reach an agreement between the two parties.

- If the customer still does not / does not agree with the 2nd settlement, then the petition may be sent to the management agency or sue the Court.