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Business Social Insurance Software

With the increasingly tightened policy of social insurance management. Companies, businesses, agencies ... will be very difficult to not participate in social insurance, ensuring the interests of businesses as well as workers. But the procedure, how to deploy, participate in insurance also includes a lot of administrative procedures, which will make you take a lot of time, effort, and cost. Therefore, to minimize these factors.

3S Group has implemented social insurance software for businesses, and provided detailed consulting services on contents, lists, procedures and documents on social insurance that businesses need by themselves. people working directly at Vietnam Social Insurance agency.

With our social insurance service and software, we will help you quickly and effectively deploy steps of procedure of participation and management of social insurance such as:

+ Newspaper increase labor
+ Report on labor reduction
+ Adjusting salary increase for employees
+ Adjusting the salary reduction for employees
+ Closing social insurance book for employees
+ Issuing social insurance books for employees
+ Cancel, accrue, lose, change information on social insurance books
+ Issuing health insurance card for employees
+ Pay short-term regime for employees


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