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Car menufacturers website design

The competition of business products of the automobile companies is very fierce. Each employee who wants sales in the form of direct referral advertising can not bring practical results. In order to boost their sales, employees have designed and designed a car sales website by themselves. But this job most employees self-design equivalent to a Landing Page because the information item of the product sometimes is incomplete.
In order to help you design a complete and reasonable website, we effectively give you some basic structure of designing a website selling cars with our experience such as designing websites for automakers. major and automobile manufacturing companies such as Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, TMT ...


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1. The essential structure of a car sales website

Home: As an important page in the website, the homepage of the car sales website does not need too many effects, but it needs to show the important products of the car company to navigate customers, information such as Specials. Forever, Warranty, Introduction, News ... just to be brief, do not lengthen, customer confusion at first sight.
Introduction page and Contact page: These are 2 pages to "give" not bring conversions, you should not put too much enthusiasm into these 2 pages, you can put them into 1 page if possible.

Price list page is a collapsible homepage showing only the list of products and prices, a quite important page for users to have an overview of the price of cars without being distracted by other information.

Installment page: Most customers buy cars through installments, so the information about the installment payment policy of the company appears clearly and details are necessary, so the registration form function is integrated into the page. This is always for the convenience of customers who leave information.

Product pages: are the most important pages on the website, these are the pages where customers convert (call or leave information asking for quotes).

Test drive registration page, price calculation page: It is good to have some functions to help customers feel more comfortable when using the website, but consider carefully between the needs of customers and the costs you have to spend. out for that function.

The common mistake common to business people when making a website is to look only at the website homepage that the design service provides them and almost forget the extremely important of the product page. Imagine if a customer wants to buy a "honda CRV", they will go to the homepage of the website and call you or will go to the product page detailing the promotion program of the "honda CRV" and then calling you ?

2. The function should be available on the car sales website

- Popup: Interact with customers quickly, help customers easily leave information for you to take care of.

- Form quote, test drive registration ...: Not all customers will call you directly, sometimes the website needs a simple function to stimulate the leaving information on your website.

- Fixed sidebar: When customers see too long information of the car, information to contact the business or a quote button is always nearby to help customers interact easily create more conversions. on the website.

- Fixed menu: Website navigation is always important, the website needs to be organized so that users can easily and quickly bring up the information that users want. Fixed the menu when users scrolled to the bottom of the post so that they could still easily click on the "contact" page without having to drag the mouse all the way up.

- Mega Menu: is a menu that can divide columns and contain representative images of each vehicle. This menu will help customers quickly navigate to any vehicle from anywhere with beautiful navigation icons.

- Contact all Facebook: 2018! Everyone has a Facebook account, and if you have a Facebook fanpage you should link it to the website, so that customers can easily be consulted by chatting on Facebook.

-  Livechat: This is one of the functions to fully exploit the interaction on your website, for customers who need more information about ... something, interacting via livechat is the most convenient and fastest way for they * immediate *. Simple example: if you are wondering about the price of my website design, and have a small message below asking you "do you need any advice" are you ready to chat right there?

Points to note

Each car company usually has the mainstream, focus on gray matter to write well on the product page for "a few lines" there, do not spend too much time and enthusiasm on the lines that "sold no one year. ”.

Each car manufacturer often has its own guiline (brand identity), so when designing a website, try to stick to that brand's guiline such as color, logo, font ...

In addition to viewing the actual website on a laptop, you also need to see the website on mobile, because according to google analytics, more than 50% of customers buy a car browsing with a mobile phone.

SEO is extremely important, but if you do not know anything then do not think of SEO website selling your car, this is a very competitive market by competitors "tens of millions", you can chat by box below for advice on SEO strategies for car sales websites.