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Network infrastructure - Server - Hosting

1. Network Infrastructure Solutions

3SSOFT provides open network infrastructure solutions to ensure businesses have a perfect network - and be able to grow as the business grows.

3SSOFT can implement various point-to-point solutions and with remote and efficient employees working remotely.

Cung cấp dịch vụ hosting, server clound

We have experience in designing and deploying network infrastructure from initial design to system configuration and administration. Each of these systems is made according to the characteristics of each joint, flexible, safe and high performance.

2. Server - Hosting Services

Server - Hosting is a website hosting service, hosting server used exclusively by customers. Web hosting is a suitable solution for individuals or businesses who want a website to introduce, trade on the Internet effectively and cost-effectively.

Web Hosting is a place to store all information, documents, images of the Website on an Internet server. Web Hosting is also the place where all transactions, exchanging information between Website and Internet users and supporting the active Internet software. To put it more intuitively, when you rent a Web Hosting is just as important as you rent a room in a building to make an office or a working office.

However, finding a good quality hosting provider that is suitable for the purpose of building your website is not a simple choice. Therefore, we want to show you 5 reasons why you should choose Web Hosting provided by 3SSOFT:

1 / We have a full range of packages and services to suit each needs in the website construction plan of customers. Always give customers the most dedicated and beneficial advice.

2 / Our servers located in FPT, VDC, VIETTEL have a strong configuration capable of smoothly processing data even when there are large numbers of visitors. High-speed connection line ensures no congestion. Support for many programming languages, databases that help make pre-written software or tools to serve business purposes, operate on customers' websites.

3 / When using Web Hosting provided by 3SSOFT, customers' websites will enjoy international Internet bandwidth (best guarantee for transactions and information exchange between websites and users) and the network. The largest transmission in Vietnam is 34.5 Gbps.

4 / Infrastructure system is regularly updated and maintained to minimize technical and security risks.

5 / The team of technicians at 3SSOFT always assert a high level of expertise and accompany timely support all requirements of users 24/7.

3SSOFT always provides 24/7 technical support with the most professional customer support model in the style of professional Hosting providers through:

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