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Travel website design

3SSOFT has many years of experience operating in the field of website design, each designed for more than 800 customers in many fields, especially tourism, 3SSOFT summarizes some experience to be able to design a travel agency website. Efficient calendar.

Tourism industry is one of the industries with the most fierce competition today. Most travel agencies are strongly focusing on online media and focusing on building impressive websites. If your website is not really different and prominent, it will fade in thousands of tourist websites that are growing like mushrooms everyday and do not leave the impression and efficiency you want.

1, Impressive interface, user-oriented and branded

Travel websites as well as other websites designed by 3SSOFT are newly designed to ensure copyright for each brand based on the brand's identity system and customer needs. Selecting delicate colors, reasonable layout of sections, harmonious will make a good impression to users when visiting the website. Website trends are designed to run well on any device: Tablet, smartphone .. and on every browser, especially not using Flash images are designed to catch the eye, quality to create Impressive stimulating desire to explore customers.

Thiết kế website du lịch, nhà hàng khách sạn

Tourism websites need a unique, sophisticated and impressive interface.

2. Provide intelligent service information

The travel agency's website will be more reputable when the host company makes a profile that demonstrates their competence and experience in the industry. Services also need to be skillfully showcased with subtle words and pictures, curiosity and interest to the reader. At the same time, it is advisable to arrange navigation buttons appropriately, integrate more features such as Bookling Engine and it is best to install additional online support to timely and maximum support for guests.

Thiết kế website đặt khách sạn, du lịch

Display information effectively and eye-catching

3. Standard SEO

Among the hundreds of thousands of travel websites that exist on the Internet, it would be a big mistake if you ignore SEO standards, which is crucial to your search ranking on Google. For good SEO on Google, all of your website content needs to be optimized: friendly URLs, H1 tags, H2 tags, H3 tags and other attributes for the tag must be inserted effectively.

In addition, your website also needs to integrate additional features such as search, language support ... to maximize the benefits from the website as well as attract customers.

Standard SEO and additional support features to make travel web more friendly to google and customers.

With many years of experience in web design services, 3SSOFT is committed to providing you with an efficient, friendly website, meeting all the requirements of customers, search engines on the needs of your company. .

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