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Design website to book flight tickets online

Online air ticket booking ( Online ) is increasingly popular! Increasing Internet users, easy and reputable online shopping, cheap airline tickets are the factors that make up the online ticketing revolution.

Website design online ticket booking suitable for companies, ticket offices, agents required to build a service introduction website combining features such as booking air tickets, finding airline tickets, checking ticket information, flight information ...

The online flight booking system consulted by 3S GROUP has the following advantages:

1. Search, compare flight prices fast and smart

Firstly, as well as the current online flight booking systems, Search and look up fares for all domestic airlines such as Vietnam Airline, Vietjet Air, Jetstar and international airlines. The special thing is the application of smart algorithms and advanced technology to help reduce the time to find tickets to the lowest level. Combined with the filter (Filter) full and smart like users quickly find cheap but also suitable airline tickets.

2. Book tickets 100% automatically with real ticket codes

The solution allows customers to book air tickets online completely, just like booking tickets on airline ticket booking websites onlin e. Also, give the real Passenger Name Record ( PNR ) code. This helps customers to reserve seats at the time of booking. Intelligence, fast, accurate and professional is what customers can feel from the solution.

3. Integrating online payment

The solution also integrates all online payment gateways ( Ngan Luong, 123Pay, Visa, Master, Smartlink, ... ) to bring the best utility to users. Besides showing prestige, professionalism, peace of mind to customers .

4. Comprehensive notification and search system

The solution provides diverse and automated notification channels to people: Email, SMS, Call Center. In addition, After booking online at the system, customers can look up the status of booking tickets through the website.

5. Flexible price policy adjustments

Adjusting ticket prices flexibly as you like is something that almost no system has brought agents. The solution provides a solution that allows dealers to adjust their fares to suit business strategies on a variety of criteria:

- According to the airline

- According to each ticket class

- By the time

- Increase / decrease by amount or%

- Domestic or international tickets

6. Smart and comprehensive management system

To help agents manage the system in a simple and smooth way. The solution also provides you agents with a smart management system. Help agent:

- Search and manage bookings

- Manage and handle incidents for customers

- Provide connection management to each firm

- Statistics and tracking user activity

- Provide diverse reports from general to detailed

- Providing content management system, news, promotions ...

7. Integrating CRM and Managing bonus points

The solution is also fully equipped with CRM features for agents. With CRM connected to the website, Customer Management has never been easier:

- Unmatched marketing campaigns ( Email Marketing, Tele Marketing, SMS Marketing )

- Management, tracking, statistics, reporting simple, automatic, comprehensive and intelligent

- Manpower is low but efficiency is improved

- Management of reward points

- Accurate, timely, professional is what your customers feel

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