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Website improvement and upgrade service

Your organization has built a website, your website has been in operation for a long time, and you want to:

- Self-updating new information, removing old information which is no longer valid

- Self-adjusting layout, structure of the website

- Change the new interface for the website. For example: change the new interface in the holidays, New Year ...

- Expanding operations. For example: increasing the volume of content, categories of information, languages, ...

- Adding new functions. For example, expanding into an online sales website, adding direct and indirect customer support functions, organizing exchanges with the community,


Then you can not fulfill the needs arising or are forced to pay additional costs, even greater than the original website construction cost to meet these needs, because:

- The technology used for your website is outdated, and you are required to learn more technical knowledge to update the content of your website.

- The content management software you are using for the website does not have the ability to allow you to change the layout or structure of the website or only allow adding a very limited amount.

- You have to pay more to have additional features, even greater than the cost of building and maintaining the website to get more of these features. The reason is because your website deployment unit does not have enough personnel or the quality of personnel is not good enough to meet your needs, even if they are not able to modify the old software system (yes. may be due to the fact that the personnel who may have left the supplier or the software running for your website are open source software that the supplier is unable to understand and edit)

..or maybe other reasons ....

3SSOFT provides website improvement and upgrading services when your organization needs to change the technology, interface, scale, management software or information nature of the website provided by partners. old can not meet.

Website improvement and upgrading services include:

- Upgrade from static website to dynamic website

- Upgrade regular website to sales website

- Upgrade normal website with Integrated Portal Technology (Portal)

- Upgrade the modules of the management software

- Integrating additional modules for management software

When you cannot update the content or want to change the website, contact us immediately to request the use of the service, to feel the difference and effectiveness.


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