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What is OTT? OTT for TV

About OTT

OTT or OTT (Over The Top) application is the term for the solution that provides content for users such as audio content (Audio), images (video) on the Internet platform. OTT eliminates traditional platforms such as cable TV, satellite TV, decoder converters, etc., only uses the internet infrastructure to distribute content to users.

Recently, OTT service has been mentioned a lot in the media. However, the concept of OTT still seems strange and confusing to most users. Partly because the name OTT itself is a rather vague and general concept, not as explicit as many other service names. But apart from that generic cover, the OTT service is actually pretty straightforward. Basically, it is possible to understand OTT services as value-added services on the Internet such as radio, television, messaging, VOIP .., provided by content service providers but not by Internet service providers (ISPs) take them directly.

Compatibility with many devices:

Many years ago to watch cable TV needed a TV decoder. Today we can watch OTT content from a lot of devices. Any account owner can enjoy a valuable content experience through the same OTT application that sometimes has no fees or very low fees.

Devices that can use OTT applications such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, game consoles, some popular OTT Player (Roku, Dune, Apple TV, ...).

The contents of OTT are mainly concentrated in the field of television developed from third parties such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO, MyTV, HDO, HayhayTv, Zing TV (watch online movies), Facebook, Twitter (social networks ), Zalo, Viber, Skype ... This content is conveyed to an end user device and internet service providers are only responsible for transporting signal packages.

How is OTT content delivered?

The network infrastructure of internet service providers is the key to providing OTT services. The internet was originally established primarily for voice and SMS applications, however, with the advent of data and open communication interfaces, the network infrastructure has become a supporting platform for with specific applications. The only thing customers need is the internet connection and the devices that are compatible with the type of OTT provided.

Mobile devices: Smart phones and tablets can download the OTT application from the app stores.

Personal computers: Most computers support viewing OTT content through applications or web browsers on the desktop.

Latest TV models: OTT apps come pre-installed or give users the option to download.

Digital media: Third-party devices like Apple TV, modern game consoles like the Xbox also support a range of solutions and the ability to download and run OTT applications.



Recommended OTT 3S television system

OTT Television System Platform is composed of the following components:

 Full OTT TV System model:

Integrated on most devices such as computers, TV tablets, Smart TVs .., and applications on multiple platforms.

OTT 3S Digital Statistical Reporting System

OTT 3S advertising management system.


Content management system with the goal towards users.



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