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If you are a programmer, this is a great time for you. Jobs in this industry are expected to grow 8% over the next 7 years, according to US Department of Labor statistics. If you are a qualified coder, you can earn up to $30 per hour or more.

A new technology website designing , programming specific applications with the latest programming languages, you need to know from 2015

If you are a programmer, this is a great time for you. Jobs in this industry are expected to grow 8% over the next 7 years, according to US Department of Labor statistics. If you are a qualified coder, you can earn up to $ 300 per hour or more.
So which programming language is the most requested and the highest paid? We asked Doug Winnie, the content director of online learning platform Lynda. Here is his review:

1. Java language

Java is one of the most popular languages ​​for back-end building in modern enterprise web applications. With Java and frameworks based on it, web developers can build scalable web applications for multiple users. Java is also the main language used in developing native Android applications for smartphones and tablets.

2. JavaScript

Every modern website uses new JavaScript technology. It's the right language to use if you want to create interactivity for your website, or build user interfaces with one of the dozens of popular JavaScript frameworks.

3. ASP.Net (C #)

C # is the primary language for development on Microsoft platforms and services. Whether you are building modern web applications using Azure and .NET, applications for Windows devices or powerful desktop applications for your business, C # is the fastest way to exploit them all. all that Microsoft has to offer. Do you want to develop games, fine? The popular Unity game development engine also uses C # as one of its main languages.

4. PHP language (Drupal 8)

Are you building a web application that needs to work with data? PHP, along with the MySQL database, are essential tools for building modern web applications. PHP powers the majority of data-driven websites today, and is the underlying technology for powerful content management systems, like Drupal 8 , which can be expanded to make your website more powerful. stronger.

5. C ++

Want to program a little lower level? When you need to connect directly to hardware to get the most processing power, C ++ is the perfect choice for developing powerful desktop software, hardware-accelerated games, and applications that need a lot of Memory on desktop, consoles and mobile devices.

6. Python

Python can almost do it all. From web applications, user interfaces, data analysis, statistics - no matter what your problem is, there is at least one framework for it in Python. Most recently, Python has been used as a key tool for data scientists to sift through huge datasets in any industry.

7. C


Why is the C programming language still popular? It is because of the size. C very small, fast and powerful. If you are building software for embedded systems, working with system kernels or just want to make the most of the resources you have at hand, then C is the number one choice.

8. SQL

The data is huge, it is ubiquitous and very complex. SQL gives you the ability to find exactly the information you want in a fast, repeatable and reliable way. Using SQL, you can easily query and extract meaningful data from large and complex databases.

9. Ruby

Want to launch your project in record time, or prototype a new idea for your next big web application? Ruby (and Ruby on Rails ) can help you do that quickly. The Ruby language is easy to learn and extremely powerful, it powers many famous web applications around the globe.

10. Objective-C

If you are interested in creating an app for iOS, you will need to know Objective-C. While people have been exaggerating recently about the role of Apple's new Swift programming language, Objective-C is still the basic language if you want to build applications for the Apple ecosystem. With Objective-C and XCode, the official software development tool from Apple, you will have your product on the App Store in a short time.

11. Perl

Perl sounds mysterious, right? Yes. It is relatively confusing. Is it a super powerful language, and a key component in anyone's cyber security arsenal? The same is true when Perl has powered the web since its inception, and is still considered an important tool for any IT professional.

12. NET

Although not a programming language by itself, .NET is an important Microsoft platform for cloud computing, services, application development, and is increasingly upgraded and more valuable. after each new release. Thanks to Microsoft's recent open source efforts, .NET is now moving to Google and Apple platforms. As a result, you can now use .NET with a variety of programming languages ​​to build applications that easily support multiple platforms.

13. Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a widely used business language. An important language of the .NET platform, it allows you to build applications to support your business, and automate powerful office applications such as Excel to perform calculations. complicated, as well as organizing your most common jobs.

14. R

R is powering the revolution of big data, and a must-know language in 2015 for anyone who needs serious data analysis. From science and business to entertainment and social media, R is the language for statistical analysis across nearly every area of ​​life.

15. Swift

Despite being just over a year old, the Swift programming language has created a craze for developers around the world because of its ability to quickly and easily develop applications on the iOS platform. and Apple Mac. Swift's powerful capabilities and friendly syntax make it possible for anyone with a Mac to build a lifetime application on iOS and Mac OS X.
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