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Hung Yen Radio and Television Station

Immediately after the North was liberated in 1954, there was Hung Yen Radio Station under the propaganda agency of Hung Yen's Administrative Committee. Until 1958, Hung Yen Radio was officially established as a specialized agency. blame.
Immediately after the North was liberated in 1954, there was Hung Yen Radio Station under the propaganda agency of Hung Yen's Administrative Committee. Until 1958, Hung Yen Radio was officially established as a specialized agency. blame.
Hung Yen Radio Station has experienced many splits and merges with other agencies such as Post Office, culture and information. The Hung Yen Radio Station initially broadcasts on the radio system to districts, communes, villages and hamlets; then broadcast on the radio. Together with the provincial Radio Station, the broadcasting stations of districts, towns, communes, wards and towns always fulfill all tasks as the voice of the party committee, the government and the forum of the people of Hung Yen province. Propagating effectively the lines, policies and laws of the Party, the State and revolutionary movements through each period of resistance against the US to save the country and building socialism in the North at that time.
In 1968, Hung Yen and Hai Duong provinces merged into Hai Hung province. In 30 years of unifying the province, Hai Hung Television and Radio Station has done well the function of an audio and video newspaper. Including many propaganda articles about the land, Hung Yen people during the resistance war against the US to save the country and build socialism. After the liberation of the South of Vietnam, Dai Hai Hung actively propagandized for socio-economic development and the country's renewal process.
By 1997, Hung Yen province was re-established. On that basis, Hung Yen Television and Radio Station was established on January 1, 1997 on the basis of separating Hai Hung Radio and Television Station into two stations, Hung Yen Television and Hai Duong Television. With its efforts, Hung Yen Television and Radio broadcasted its first session on January 2, 1997, the day in Hung Yen town held a ceremony to announce the Resolution of the National Assembly on the re-establishment. hung Yen province.
At the beginning, the facilities had a lot of difficulties, at first, the station had 14 officials, reporters, editors and technicians transferred from Hai Hung.
The temporary office is located at Hung Yen Radio and Television Station, No. 105, Bai Say Street. 2kw FM radio, 0.5 kw color VHF color transmitter, temporarily erecting broadcasting pole higher than 60m ... But Dai has broadcast 02 radio programs / day with a total duration of 60 minutes. TV shows are 5 hours / day.
With the attention of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, Provincial People's Committee, the support of all branches and the efforts of all officials and public servants of the Radio Station, by 2000, the station broadcasted radio and television. At the new headquarters, 164 Nguyen Van Linh street, Hung Yen town. 5kw FM radio, 5kw UHF video transmitter. 108m high radio and television broadcasting pole. The radio program lasts 90 minutes / day and the television program broadcast 10 hours / day. In addition to the news program, there are nearly 20 interesting topics and topics.
By 2008, the radio program was increased to 120 minutes a day and 14 hours a day on a television program.
In order to improve service quality and expand coverage to the Northern Delta region, with the attention of the province, in 2010 Dai built a Broadcasting Center in Tan Dan Commune, Khoai Chau District as the central location. the provincial. The center has a 108m high broadcasting column, 5 + 5kw UHF television transmitter with high quality coverage throughout the province and neighboring provinces. Broadcast time is increased to 18h / day.
In addition to 4 news programs morning, lunch, dinner and night, there are dozens of interesting categories, topics, magazines, documentaries. Each day, there are 05 feature films, 01 stage play, many political programs, science, music, folk songs and children. The news, columnist and entertainment programs produced by Dai have been highly appreciated by the audience. In addition, the station also makes many live broadcasts of major events of the province, industry, localities and programs co-operated with the industry. Since 2010, Hung Yen Radio and Television has collaborated with stations in the Red River Delta group to produce and broadcast a Red River Times daily program. The television program of the station has been put into the MyTV system and is implementing a project to connect with the national cable television system. From December 15, 2013, Hung Yen Television has covered VINASAT 1 satellite through two television service packages of VTC and AVG.

Regarding broadcasting, in 2010, it increased to 3 hours a day and in mid-2013, it increased to 10:30 am / day with 4 news / day programs and specialized programs, categories, folk songs, music ...

Dai has organized a network of collaborators, including radio station collaborators in districts, cities and industries. In particular, maintaining monthly local pages of radio stations of districts and cities on provincial radio and television, the Security section of the Provincial Public Security and the All-people National Defense section of the Provincial Military Command. .
Every 2 years, Hung Yen Radio and Television Station organizes the Festival of Radio and Television of the whole province with the participation of 10 stations of districts, cities and branches with specials broadcasted on the provincial Radio. The content of the Festival is the units and reporters of the Radio Station participated in a number of genres of grassroots radio stations, districts and cities and radio and television works, which created favorable conditions for industry professionals. exchange, learn from each other.
Licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, on March 1, 2011, Hung Yen Radio and Television Station opened the website which was upgraded for the first time on January 1, 2012 and the second time on January 1, 2013 and the third time since January 1, 2014 became the leading website of Hung Yen province.
Dai's technical facilities have been increasingly strengthened. Hung Yen Television and Radio Station has produced the program on non-digital digital systems and implemented automatic digital broadcasting with mobile TV for production of live television programs.
In addition, Hung Yen Television and Radio Station regularly cooperates with Vietnam Voice and Television to regularly participate in national radio and television festivals. National Press and won many awards, including high ones.
Hung Yen Radio - Television is in the emulation cluster No. 3 including Radio and Television stations of the Red River Delta, during the emulation cluster led by the Voice of Vietnam Radio and Vietnam Television Station as well as When transferred to the Ministry of Information and Communications for direction, Dai Hung Yen always actively participated in activities of the cluster's emulation movement on the duration and quality of broadcasts as well as building facilities and other other activity.
From 14 officials, civil servants, officials at the beginning, by 2011 Dai had more than 100 cadres, civil servants, officials and employees. At the beginning of 2014, the total number of cadres, reporters and officials of Radio Station was 125, of which nearly 100 were on the payroll.
During the 30-year period of Hai Hung province, as well as Hung Yen province after its re-establishment in 1997, Hai Hung Television and Television Station of Hung Yen has always excellently completed the tasks of a major propaganda agency of the province. during the anti-American resistance period as well as the socio-economic development after the reunification of the country, the latter was the implementation of the renovation, the industrialization and modernization of the country, the international integration, the building and defending the Fatherland.
With these achievements, the provincial Television and Radio Station has been awarded the Third, Second and First Class Labor Medals by the President. Many emulation flags and certificates of merit of the Government, the ministries, central agencies and the provincial People's Committee give collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements.