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Radio-Electronics Association Vietnam - REV

Magazine "Electronics" of Vietnam Association of Electronic Radios has been launched and served readers for 27 years. 
The first issue of the journal was published in May 1990 with the name "Electronics today".

Introduction to the "Electronic Magazine" of Vietnam Radio Association

Magazine "Electronics" of Vietnam Association of Electronic Radios has been launched and served readers for 27 years.
The first issue of the journal was published in May 1990 with the name "Electronics today".

In the non-disclosure of this first issue, it is stated:

“Today, people all over the world think that Electronics Technology - Information technology is a factor that can create revolutionary transformations for many other industries. Many developing countries have invested in this technology and have been successful. Depending on the level of development as well as the capacity and needs of each country, each country has its own path to electronics ...

However, the first and most important thing to do is to popularize knowledge of Electronics and Informatics among the whole population. This is the preparation of the social environment for the acquisition of new technology. Experience shows that, where people are equipped with extensive and accurate knowledge of Electronics - Informatics, creative processes and Electronics - Informatics find new applications in production. service and life "aware of this, the Vietnam Association of Electronic Radios has initially published a" Electronic Today "magazine once a month, with the main purpose of serving technology. Favorite electronic tablet and public

Since 1993, "Electronics today" has been changed with the abbreviated name "Electronics", edited and published in Ho Chi Minh City to suit the practical conditions of the Association. Since then, the "Southern Representative Office of Electronics Magazine" has been established in Ho Chi Minh City.

However, the limited scope of a magazine once a month cannot serve all audiences and address all the issues of Electronics and Informatics, while the development of Informatics is very fast and has many problems that the public loves it.

Therefore, since 2000 "Electronics" has added 1 period each month, with the object of serving readers who are interested in Informatics. That is "Electronics CF", or Computer Fan.

In the very strong development of technology in recent years, Electronics and Informatics has penetrated almost all specialized industrial products as well as civilian products in daily life for all people in society. Therefore, the first two journals every month also do not meet the requirements of readers, especially for the masses who are using or shopping in order to use related products everyday. to Electronics and Informatics, collectively known as "consumer electronics" products.

As a result, since June 2005 'Electronic Magazine' has increased its monthly publication period, with the beginning of this third magazine called "Consumer Electronics" to serve the most widespread mass class in the country.

In addition to maintaining the content as existing magazine titles, the Association advocates developing more academic, theoretical and practical content in cooperation with universities and research institutes. Research, domestic and foreign enterprises. So Electronic Magazine has arranged and redistributed the content for its publications.

- Electronics Today (since 1990): Introducing the issues of Theory, Research, Information Science & Technology in the field of electronics and communication, mainly for Research and Management subjects. about science & technology.

- Consumer Electronics (since 2005) :: Introduction of "consumer electronics" products, aimed at the masses of consumers.

- Electronics and Communications (The REV Journal on Electronics and Communications) (since 2011): is a highly academic journal published in English, for research subjects, domestic and foreign scholars to exchange academics and publish research