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The popularity of technology devices in recent years such as smartphones, Smart TVs plus the strong development of broadband internet systems as well as 3G and 4G in future is 5G connections have changed the way people watch TV

The popularity of technology devices in recent years such as smartphones, Smart TVs plus the strong development of broadband internet systems as well as 3G and 4G connections have changed the way people watch TV. consumption. This is opening up opportunities as well as challenges for internet-based television transmission services, also known as OTT Television terms encountered by local television stations .

In Vietnam, many experts now agree that television on the Internet is a trend of television stations. The "Dai" now not only focus on investing in technical infrastructure, program content, but also strive to offer new experiences such as interactive television to meet the growing needs of the audience.

OTT television interface on SmartTV - Vinh Long Radio and Television Station

Leading the trend is large-scale television stations with OTT applications serving consumers such as VTV, VTC, HTV, K +, SCTV ... VTV reached nearly 6 million installed OTT TV applications, nearly 9 million web views, this number is not small. VTV clearly sees the long-term strategy of OTT television to keep the audience. Now the audience is not looking for the TV but the TV is reaching the audience. Where the audience goes, the television goes there. ”

Local stations have made positive moves to approach and apply OTT television to serve the audience, some stations have also initially built Website, Mobile Application (APP) to serve the tastes of the floating audience. The most prominent ones are Vinh Long Radio and Television Station, Bac Giang Radio and Television Station, Thai Nguyen Radio and Television Station, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Radio and Television Station, Radio and Television Station. Hung Yen ... The most prominent is the Application on smartphones, applications on smart TVs, TVBox and website systems.

Television OTT - Vinh Long Radio and Television Station

According to Wearesocial ( ) in Vietnam 53% of the population use the internet, 72% of the population use a smartphone, an average of 53% of the population use the internet every day, watching videos online 6 hours 53 minutes and Internet access time was higher than watching TV. Especially under the age of 35 internet connections up to 87% in the day.

According to a survey by market research firm Nielsen, 9 out of 10 Vietnamese people said they watched videos online weekly. Vietnam is now one of the countries leading the trend of watching online videos. This opens up opportunities for transmission services on Internet-based television - OTT television.

Television OTT, a new challenge for Local Television?

According to Mr. Le Anh Xuan - General Director of 3SSOFT Joint Stock Company - An OTT Television System Construction Consultant in Vietnam, we have advised many local television stations to have a synchronous deployment roadmap. from technology platforms, people to content. On the other hand, it is also necessary to have drastic implementation, the stations should balance investment funding to achieve the highest efficiency. Our OTT TV solution will fit most local stations and major TV stations in Vietnam.

The immediate problem of OTT television is to attract viewers with good content and new experience to serve the majority of users. From a TV perspective, OTT is still a story for big television stations, large media enterprises with strong brand and investment resources.

Of course, the ultimate solution for local television stations can hire technology infrastructure to make OTT television, but the key problem lies in the brand and professional content system, which is attractive enough for There are a large number of television viewers across the country, and these are the challenges that local television stations are facing.


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