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Pros and cons of selling website design with WordPress

Is the sales website made with WordPress really effective and good? To better understand this issue, the following article helps you consider whether you should choose this platform for your own website design.

WordPress is too popular for users so this article will not mention what WordPress is? but only those statistics that couldn't be more impressive about WordPress.

Worldwide, more than 60 million websites use the open source WordPress platform.

Up to 10 million websites are those with thousands of traffic every day.

With the free and open source platform, Webmasters can easily manage and install more plugins for the Website plugin with WordPress, works smoothly in both front-end and back-end.

We all recognize that WordPress has a huge amount of themes in terms of content development. And the number of interfaces of Web sales sites with WordPress is not lacking for us to choose. Moreover, modifying Theme templates in WordPress is also very easy and can be done by anyone.

When you need a feature for the Website, we just need to find and install the Plugin to use. There are thousands of plugins for you to choose from. Whether designing a Website for sale using WordPress will ensure the utility or not depends very much on these plugins.

Although very popular and easy to use for beginners, there are still disadvantages that you must consider before choosing WordPress to design sales websites.

First, the popularity and popularity of WordPress is also the "double-edged sword" that makes websites made with WordPress platform always become the target of attack by vandals. Although the development community regularly updates it with new versions, do you make sure your website is regularly updated, do not worry about your website sales "down" one day?

Secondly , the fact that the Website design sells goods with WordPress is only suitable for small business people and few products. If you have a large business and a lot of orders, WordPress is not the best solution for you to choose.

Third , installing the Theme and Plugin is not always convenient. It is easy to cause conflicts if not suitable version. Therefore, designing websites for sales using WordPress requires users to have knowledge and understanding of this open source platform. What you need to pay attention to is that although the themes and plugins are free for WordPress, most of the full themes with extended plugins suitable for the sales function have to pay a certain fee.

Fourth, for the WordPress admin interface, the admin page layout is also arranged scientifically, but the menu has a lot of things, so users need to have time to get acquainted for new users to use this website platform. .

Thursday, you often have to upgrade the Theme and Plugin for WordPress. When upgrading a new version, all data of the old version will be deleted and you have to do it again. Does this make you uncomfortable?

Ultimately, WordPress is not programmed to develop the sales website, it is primarily used for the purpose of making news websites and blogs. Themes and Sales plugins in WordPress only partly contribute to its richness.

In summary: We can choose to design a free website for sale with WordPress, but with the disadvantages of WordPress, we also need to consider whether to invest the cost and refer to professional website designers to do. How to make your Website work best to avoid the "Dilemma" situation?