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Wordpress or Drupal?

When you are want to build a website for your Company or Business, you are wondering between WordPress and Drupal?


CMS Content Management System WordPress currently holds 30% of the worldwide market share used to design and administer the Website.

Although Drupal has a small market share compared to WordPress, it cannot be assessed immediately that it is not a good content management system. In contrast, Drupal is a quite powerful content management system with many functions.

WordPress and Drupal have many similarities. Both are open source content management systems with powerful features. However, the user base for each CMS is different. Anyone, from a beginner looking to build a simple website, to webmasters of websites that need a lot of customization and are not too complicated can use WordPress right away.

For Drupal, it may be difficult for new users but more suitable for users who have experience in web development. In addition, with high performance and great scalability, Drupal works better for enterprise websites than the average user.

WordPress CMS: For anyone, from beginner to enterprise, does not require the user to have deep knowledge of programming.

Drupal CMS: Enterprises and enterprise environment websites, requiring users to have extensive experience in coding.

So to help businesses have an overall view to choose for themselves a suitable CMS, best for the Company, their business with the experience of deploying many websites, we offer the outstanding advantages of 2. Content management system Drupal and Wordpress.



Drupal is considered the most powerful platform and the ideal content management system for creating very complex websites. It is also the most complex CMS to use for those with high technical knowledge. Or for developers. If you need a large website that handles a lot of data. Then Drupal is the optimal choice. Drupal is commonly used to run university, media and government websites. This is a highly stable platform that can process data of considerable quality. Drupal's Core system is quite compact and takes up very small space but it can contain huge traffic. In order to do that in Core Drupal, there is a very effective cache processing module that hardly any CMS can be more effective. However, to meet the large amount of traffic it requires more storage resources, so may need VPS, dedicated server, or cloud hosting rather than shared hosting.

Drupal is a very flexible CMS with a large number of plugins available to expand the functionality it is customized to create stunning and unique websites, not constrained by any technical mechanisms.

In short, Drupal is best if you need a large, powerful website and you need technical knowledge to build.


WordPress is considered as a user-friendly blog platform, helping users to create many different types of websites such as: Blog, business introduction, sales, hotel reservation, car rental, real project posting. Estate ... One of the reasons for the popularity of WordPress is its ease of use and simplicity. Your website can be set up quickly and intuitively, but its performance is not as good as you want because by default WordPress core includes a lot of plugins that are sometimes not used but still exist. Here is why a lot of websites can load quickly but there are also websites that can load up to a minute to display the content.

When you create content with WordPress, an available editor to add text, images and videos is very convenient for creating article content, you can even cut and paste from MS Word. Content organization uses a very simple menu that allows your users to visit the site easily to find information.

Overall, WordPress is best suited for less complicated websites. And allow users to search for a platform that doesn't require a lot of technical know-how.

Security capabilities

Drupal beats WordPress in terms of security. Many business websites and government organizations have trusted such as the White House Website: or the National Institutes of Health:, used Using Drupal, not WordPress, is a testament to Drupal's security. Besides, WordPress has a larger market share so it is more vulnerable to network attacks.

The plugin for WordPress also has the ability to "fight" against cyber criminals, but overall, along with regular monthly updates, Drupal is a much safer platform. If security is your main concern, choose Drupal. Notably, this is a good choice for websites for businesses.

Support Seo - Online Marketing

Many units, users think that wordpress is a platform to support the best SEO - Online Marketing. We agree that Wordpress has many plugins to support SEO - Marketing Online, but SEO is an international standard, which platform if a professional website design company with good knowledge of SEO will be able to Designing a standard SEO website will definitely require an experienced development team like Drupal to solve it easily. Difficult keywords still surpass Wordpress to lead on search results.

Costs and prices

The cost of using WordPress and Drupal is free. Of course it's just the beginning. Since both CMSs are open source, you can download and install both for free. However, to develop into a professional website suitable for your business or organization, using Drupal will cost a lot higher than WordPress because of the complexity and less popularity in return. A quality, confidential, stable and unique website with a professional technical team.

Read here we understand that you have options for you when choosing website design company. You can save money to build a cheap website made of Wordpress, and you might lose everything when the website is hacked. Or you will accept a reasonable cost to grow.